Meath Care evolved from the Ministering Children’s League, which was founded in England in 1884 by Lady Brabazon, future Countess of Meath. Branches of the League were set up in Perth and in 1912 the Ministering Children’s League Convalescent Home was located in Cottesloe. In the 1950’s, operating the Home had become economically unviable and the government of the day invited the Anglican Church to act as Trustees in order to safeguard the League’s assets and continuity. An Executive was elected by the Synod of the church and it was decided that the committee would cooperate with the church and at some later stage extend their work into care of the aged.

In 1963, the government purchased the convalescent home and eventually provided a parcel of land in Trigg. The committee looked at all aspects of care for the aged and in 1966 received the major share of the estate of Miss Phoebe Holmes, a former President of the League and daughter of the woman who initiated the League’s work in Western Australia. This funding plus money from the sale of the old building allowed the Committee to apply for Commonwealth Government funding and in 1972 Meath opened a 70 bed aged care hostel in Trigg.

In 1993, a major upgrade of the facility was undertaken providing residents with ensuite facilities, a kitchen and quiet rooms in each of the nine wings. A special care secure unit for dementia residents was created and large common rooms and a communal dining room were refurbished.

Following the upgrade of the facility, 39 individual villas for independent living were constructed on additional land at the site. These villas, most of which provide 3 bedrooms and ensuite facilities, double garages and private gardens are complemented by a Clubhouse and heated swimming pool.

In 2000, Meath Care (Inc) was approached to take over the facility run by the TPI (Totally and Permanently Incapacitated) Association in Como. TPI then offered to sell the site containing both the facility and independent living units to Meath Care (Inc). Following a due diligence study and negotiations this sale took place. Meath Care Como has 130 residential care places as well as 82 independent living villas also on the site.

In 2002 Meath Care (Inc) purchased the first block of land for the Kingsley project. The Kingsley project involved the construction of a 129 bed aged care facility and 48 independent living villas. The first works commenced on the site in June 2006 and the facility admitted its first residents on 27 January 2009. The facility was named after Dr Mary Surveyor, a former Board Member, and was officially opened on 28 February 2010. A number of residents from our Trigg facility transferred to Kingsley in early 2009. The facility provides aged care for frail aged and dementia specific residents in a very secure environment. The building has numerous communal and private spaces and each resident has their own private room with ensuite bathroom.

In 2013 the original facility in Trigg was demolished to make way for a further 16 independent living villas.

The 130-bed Michael Lee Centre opened for residents in Como, in May 2019.  The design provides high quality, consumer-driven care with a dementia-specific focus.  The layout allows residents to maintain a connection to nature and fresh air via the beautifully landscaped gardens – whilst retaining a high level of safety and security.  The simple layout makes navigation easier and assists with resident orientation.

Meath Care (Inc) now has three sites in Trigg, Como and Kingsley. Meath has established an excellent reputation in the aged care industry for providing quality care through caring staff in excellent facilities.

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The Meath Board is made up of successful business and health-care professionals who come from a balanced mix of disciplines and industries to ensure that their combined experience and knowledge is of greatest benefit.
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