Accommodation Pricing

While this can be a difficult time, it is important that the cost implications of moving into a residential aged care facility are understood.

Each resident is required to pay a Basic Daily Fee. This fee is set by the Department of Health on a quarterly basis and information can be found on their website and search for ‘Schedule of resident fees and charges’.

Residents who are eligible, depending on their asset and income assessment, can choose to pay for their accommodation by either:

  • a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) or a refundable accommodation contribution (RAC)
    • This is paid as a lump sum amount
  • a daily accommodation payment (DAP) or daily accommodation contribution (DAC)
    • This accrues daily and is paid periodically (eg fortnightly)
  • a combination of both
    • This includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments

New residents have 28 days from the day of entering care to decide on payment method. From the day of entry, until a decision has been made, the resident must pay the accommodation costs by the Daily Accommodation Payment Method (DAP).

Residents may also be eligible to pay a Means Tested Care Fee. Further information on this can be found in the ‘schedule of resident fees and charges’ as above.

The table below shows the Accommodation Pricing (per resident) for Meath Care (Inc) as at 01 January 2024.

Further Information

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Facility Room Type Maximum Accommodation Price (RAD) Daily Payment (DAP) Combination RAD (50%) Combination DAP (50%)
Dr Mary Surveyor Centre (Kingsley) Single Room with ensuite $550,000 $126.27 $275,000 $63.14
Michael Lee Centre (Como) Single Room with ensuite $550,000 $126.27 $275,000 $63.14