What We Love About Living In Aged Care

For elderly people requiring assistance with day-to-day living, aged care homes have many advantages over other types of care.

We asked some of our residents to tell us the best parts of life in aged care and they came up with a comprehensive list.


Older people are often vulnerable in their own homes particularly when they are forgetful and may forget to lock a door or close a window. It leaves them open to the possibility of a break-in. Aged care homes have high levels of security ensuring your loved-one is safe.

Staff on Hand

Staff are employed on a 24-hour basis which means assistance is available at all times should it be needed. One resident explained.

“I never wanted to bother my daughter at night because she had her own children and lived 20 minutes away.”

“Having staff on hand makes life easier as I know it’s their job to help so I don’t feel guilty for asking”.

Complex Care Solutions

Some family members may struggle with the complex care requirements of their elderly relatives. Aged care staff are trained to treat many different conditions from physical impediments to cognitive decline.

Sense of Community

Residents get to know staff members and other residents resulting in special friendships and connections. Being surrounded by familiar faces and enjoying the social aspect of aged care homes is comforting for many.  The risk of feeling lonely is greatly reduced.

Meals Provided

Healthy, regular meals are provided in care homes ensuring that residents don’t forget to eat, particularly those in cognitive decline.  Elderly people living at home may miss out on nutrition if meal preparation becomes difficult and popping to the shops isn’t an option. A variety of diets are catered for and help is available for those requiring assistance to ensure they receive a balanced diet and maintain a healthy intake of food and fluids.  Many residents are relieved that they no longer have to worry about cooking or what they’ll eat.

“I love mealtimes, the food is really good and I enjoy being waited on, I certainly don’t miss cooking”


Simple activities like clothes and linen washing can become increasingly difficult for the aged, having a laundry service available means clean clothes, clean bedding and always looking your best.

Entertainment and Activities

A variety of activities are offered to keep residents busy and occupied.  From entertainers performing concerts to movies, happy hour and art, cooking and fitness classes. There’s something for everyone.

Freedom to Come and Go

Living in aged care doesn’t mean you can’t leave the centre.  Many residents spend their days on outings with friends and family, having overnight stays, or enjoying mini-vacations to maintain community links. Bus trips to popular destinations are often organized by the centres enabling residents to get out and about.

Remember – not all residences are created equal, it’s important to check what’s on offer in each to find the best place for your loved-one.

Meath Care provides quality aged care centres in Kingsley and Como, Western Australia.