Enhanced Living Environment for Residents

We’ve been busy making improvements to our dementia-specific unit at the Dr Mary Surveyor Centre in Kingsley.

Shenton residents will now have easy access to the outside garden from the communal lounge area.

A fence and gate have been installed across the width of the garden, close to the raised garden beds, allowing residents to move unrestricted between both areas.

Previously, a swipe lock was required to access the garden.  The re-vamp has given residents the ability to move freely without asking for assistance.

As a result, residents have more autonomy over where they wish to spend time, this builds self-esteem and confidence in those who may have been too shy to ask for help.

Meath Care CEO Olive Wright explains the importance of the upgrade.

“One of Meath care’s uniqueness is the provision of services for residents affected by Mild to severe Dementia.

The DMSC has a secure 39 Bed area with access to larger day rooms and external courtyards where residents are supported, to maintain their skills by involvement in a variety of activities that range from dancing, music, Quizzes, walks and cooking.

The recent addition of a secure courtyard has enabled residents to wander freely from the internal lounge to an outside area where they are safe and can be easily seen by the staff. The resident has the opportunity to experience the smells of the sensory garden and the feeling of the sun and wind on the body which enhances physical and mental wellbeing.

Meath Care will continue to research services for people living with dementia to ensure we are providing best practice services in a homelike environment”.

It’s wonderful to see so many residents taking advantage of the new outdoor space and their new-found independence.

Meath Care is a not-for-profit organization providing residential and retirement accommodation in Kingsley, Trigg and Como, Western Australia.