The Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Village

The Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Village

Meath Care Trigg Village

Making the decision to downsize to a retirement village isn’t always easy.  It can be hard to see the bigger picture and understand the benefits.  So, to make it easier – we’ve compiled a list of the many positives.

It may reduce stress – The University of Adelaide ran a research project in 2015 and found that 18% of retirees in the broader community felt as though their lives were out of control, compared to only 7% of those living in retirement villages.

It can free up equity – according to the Property Council of Australia “retirement villages are an affordable way to downsize from the family home and free up equity. Analysis shows that 63 per cent of retirement village dwellings are sold substantially under the market price for similar sized homes in the local area.”

It’s an opportunity to meet new people – particularly if you’re reserved, have moved from another location or recently lost a partner. Retirement villages allow you to connect to a safe and supportive community of like-minded people.

Be as social or as private as you like – we’re not all social beings, some of us prefer our own space.  Retirement living gives you the choice of being social, or not.

More freedom to travel – downsizing to a lock and leave villa means being able to travel as much as you like without the worry of coming home to break-ins, overgrown lawns and gardens full of weeds.

Peace of Mind – living in a safe, secure environment gives you peace of mind, you may even find you sleep better at night.

Avoid annoying maintenance jobs – maintenance is generally covered by the village saving you time and money, particularly if you aren’t very handy!

Upgrade your standard of living and improve your fitness – with great shared facilities like swimming pools, gymnasiums and even bowling greens on offer, you’ll soon be living your best life. Communal living – villages provide access to communal clubhouses for events, group activities or general socialising.

Beautiful surroundings and communal areas – communal gardeners are employed to maintain common areas – It’s your choice to have as much or as little garden as you wish.

Security of tenure – a lease gives you security of tenure and ensures the whole village is maintained to a continually high standard by the village manager.

You might be happier – according to new research from the National Village Survey, 2018, 19,477 residents across 529 villages were interviewed about their perception of happiness. The study found a quarter (25 per cent) said their life has significantly improved since moving into a village, while over half (52 per cent) said their happiness had increased.

Meath Care have three retirement villages in Kingsley, Trigg and Como, WA.

All villages offer superior facilities with heated swimming pools, mini gymnasiums, Kingsley also has a bowling green.

Each village is located close to nature reserves with easy access to public transport and shops.

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