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COVID19 Update 11/11/2020

Dear All

It’s so wonderful that Perth continues to remain COVID -19 free and we can get to enjoy life
to the full, albeit with physical distancing in place.

The announcement of the borders re-opening was welcomed with both excitement and
apprehension; on the one hand, lots of families can plan a festive season with their loved
ones from over east, but on the other hand, there’s concern about the heightened risk to our

I know as family members, this will be a concern for you all and I request your ongoing
support and cooperation to maintain a safe environment for your loved ones, by not visiting
if you or any member of your immediate family is unwell with flu-like symptoms.

If you have visitors from interstate and they will be visiting the centre, can you please let the
Centre Managers’ know in advance and we can take the necessary precautions as required.
If you are taking your loved one home over the holidays, please ensure you are aware of all
the guests present and their general health.

All staff will continue to be monitored closely and will also comply with the rule of not
attending work if they or their immediate family are sick and also maintain an awareness of
visitors they may have from the eastern states.

Meath has been so lucky this year will very little flu and gastro outbreaks and we need to
maintain this, which I know we can by working together. Our residents are the most
vulnerable in our society, so please help us make this a great Christmas and New Year for all.

I’m sure everyone would agree the greatest Christmas present this year will be the release of
a safe and reliable COVID-19 vaccine that is available to us all.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly.

Take Care

Kind regards