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CEO Update 03/07/2020

Dear All

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe in the cold and wet weather, now more than ever we need to maintain our physical distancing and we ask that you please do not visit your loved ones if you have any signs or symptoms of colds and flu.

Perth continues to enjoy a virtually COVID 19 free environment, and I am sure like me, everyone wants it to stay like that. I would once again like to thank all the residents and families for working with us to ensure that Meath Care remains COVID – 19 free also.

Attached to this memo is a list of “Frequently Asked Questions No 10” for your reference, as always, if you require further information on any of these questions or anything else please contact your Centre Managers who are always willing to assist.

Best wishes and Take Care



Why is there sometimes no hand gel available in the dispensers at the Centre?

We are currently experiencing supply issues for the 1 litre hand rub, information from our various suppliers indicates this product will be unavailable for some time. We have replaced the 1 litre automatic dispensers with the pump hand gel as there is no issue with supply of the smaller dispensers.

When will further visitor restrictions be lifted as WA is ‘opening up’?

WA Residential Aged Care Facilities are still required to follow the WA Guidelines and so in effect, the legislation – PUBLIC HEALTH ACT 2016 (WA), visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities Directions (No 2) are still in force. We are hoping that the WA Government will review and update these in the near future.

When will the resident meetings recommence?

As the group size restrictions have eased, we are planning on recommencing these in late July /early August 2020 and your Centre Managers will be in touch with the dates soon.

I have been visiting my loved one regularly but haven’t had the phone call from the RN giving me a summary of my loved one’s health status.

As visiting restrictions are easing, we will be ceasing the weekly RN clinical update from week commencing 6 July 2020, and are pleased to inform you that if you wish to speak to the RN on duty when you visit, this will now be possible. Please remember to maintain physical distancing whilst doing so.

Please note (as before), the RN will be in touch should there be a significant event for your loved one and we are happy for you to phone the clinical team if you have any concerns about their health and wellbeing.

Even though I am visiting I really miss my face time sessions with my loved one, can these continue?

With the majority of residents receiving visitors regularly now, Face Time or Video Calls will be facilitated for those residents assessed as requiring this to maintain their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

These calls will be scheduled between Monday – Friday, and during the period 10am to 3pm when the Leisure and Lifestyle team are available to support your loved one. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the Occupational Therapist or your Centre Manager.

When will the hairdresser be able to perm or colour mum’s hair?

The hairdresser will be able to reinstate these services from week commencing the 6 July, 2020, please contact the hairdresser to make any bookings.

English is my second language and I’m struggling to find information about COVID-19.

The Department of Health has published information about COVID-19 on its website in multiple other languages. Please refer to the website link below. se%3A9669